Saturday, July 10, 2010

The beginning

Well here goes nothing. My first tentative steps into the blogging world. I have been reading other peoples blogs, and I am throughly enjoying reading what other people have to say. I don't get to see many people where I live. My closest neighbour is about 5km away, so as you can imagine we don't catch up very often. I live in constant creative chaos. I have two small girls aged 31/2 and 5... Yes they are close together, but it keeps life interesting. I spend my days working around the property and trying to fit in some craft work. I love everything to do with craft and have been crafting now since I was too young to remember. My girls are also creative, coming from a creative family it was sure to happen.

I am currently in the process of starting a small business venture with a couple of friends.. And can't wait to get out there and show everyone what we have been up to.

Till tomorrow
Keep smiling