Sunday, February 27, 2011


Finally, my internet and phone are up and running.  It is amazing how much you really rely on and miss these 2 things when you don't have them.  Fingers crossed that all the gremlins are gone and there will be no more problems. 

The year has been busy so far, I've decided to do distance ed with Big E this year, so I have a whole new learning curve to conquer. So far so good, we are all enjoying the challenge, and the difference in Big E is well worth the extra work and time it takes.  She wakes up smiling and not grouchy, about the prospect of school.  For me that is the greatest reward.

On the creative front, nothing has been happening, I haven't stitched, knitted, felted or scrapped.  Nothing.  I woke up this morning feeling rather glum about it all.  But forgave myself pretty quickly, there is still a lot of days left in the year.

I arrived back from mini school on Friday night, and have spent my weekend catching up on phone calls, emails (there was about 1000 waiting for me), and housework.  So I think, this afternoon will be spent have a much deserved rest and getting my brain back into a normal week mode. 

Heres a couple of photos for you mum.  We are missing not being able to talk to you.

My Mum and Dad are still being affected by the flood, they still have no phone, but they do have internet.

Have a great day.


Rebecca Miller Designs said...

Little little terrors. Love them heaps.

Rebecca Miller Designs said...

They are growing up so fast. Little darlins. Can't wait to see them.