Saturday, August 24, 2013

2 new firsts

I was so very excited to be accepted as one of the testers for Straight Grains ( new Hanami Pattern.  My two firsts were that I have never tested a pattern before and  the second was this was my first dress created from a Straight Grain Pattern. 

I recently started purchasing patterns via the internet in the form of PDFS rather than going to the store and purchasing  pre-printed patterns.

I love the idea of supporting smaller artists.  I adore the Straight Grain website, such a creative lady with such wonderful clothing.  My girls love her patterns and that is enough for me.  Head on over to her website to see what other lovely creations the other testers created.  (

I started by printing then reading through the pattern before assembling the pattern pieces.  The instructions were easy to understand, and the pictures made it so easy to follow.  I will be the first to admit that I am no good at reading and following instructions, I am a get in and make it learn as you go kind of girl.  But the instructions in this pattern are so easy to read and follow, it was actually a pleasure to follow them.

This would be a fantastic pattern for any sewing enthusiast, no matter what level of sewing you were at. 

I love the fact that this pattern gives you several choices, so you could make a shirt or a dress. With or without a collar and 2 types of sleeves.  So I got my girls to choose what they would like me to make. 

They chose a dress, that crossed over a the back with tulip sleeves.

The dress came together quickly in the end, could easily be finished in a few hours if you wanted.  I chose a fabric from my fabric stash a pretty bright purple cotton with white dots.  This was a little thicker that I had originally intended to use but it is what my girls chose. In the end it didn't matter as you cannot tell that it is a thicker fabric.   I cut this pattern out in a size 7 as my girls are tiny for their age.  The pattern was true to size.

To sum it up a wonderful pattern that is easy to follow and create with simple instructions that make it a pleasure to create.

Now to get started on one for my oldest girl. 

Have a great day


Olga Becker @ Coffee+Thread said...

Love the polka dotted fabric, so cute! Great job!

Leentje said...

You've made a lovely dress! And your girl seems to love it!

Christine said...

very sweet dress and model!

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

Your daughter's smile says it all :)

Unknown said...

Such a lovely Hanami, Lisa! Thank you for testing my pattern :-)