Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quickly Mummy

I crocheted this blanket for Big E about 3 years ago while getting over an illness.

While I was pulling out the decorations I found the blanket I have started for Little E, I started this one, about 3 years ago after I finished Big E's.

Whenever I sit down to do a little more, Little E sits down with me, puts it over her lap and says "finish it quickly mummy".  I always feel guilty.  Don't you wish you had more hours in the day.

We finally got the tree up and decorated, I left all the glass balls off this year, and let the girls do it all.  Little E having a rest under the tree.

Have a great day


the textured leaf said...

I love the top one even with the threads hanging out, or are they meant to be like that? The colours are lovely.

Eme Creations said...

The threads are meant to be hanging out. She wanted a shaggy look. Big E is all about the messy look. Little E is more restrained. I must say I prefer the messy one. It didn't matter if you made a mistake :-)