Thursday, December 16, 2010

Transmission resumed

My satellite system, seems to be a bit glitchy (is that a word?).  It seems to be chucking it in alot and I have to fall back on my old faithful dialup system.  I don't know from one day to the next if it will be up and running.  Therefore my updates are all over the place, I also miss catching up on all the lovely blogs I enjoy reading.  Still raining here, I think so far we have manage 1 whole day without rain, managed to get to town on Monday, lucky for me, as the river is now back up to about 7metres.  No going to town till next week, I hope it settles down soon.  Still have to get presents next week.  Maybe I can float across  :-)  Hope everyone is having a great time leading up to Christmas.

What have we been doing?  Cattle work, in between the showers of rain, and going along fences, most of the fences got damaged in the big storm we had a couple of weeks ago, it is only just dry enough to go along them.

Going stir crazy......  Don't you love school holidays.

Have a great day

Friday, December 10, 2010

Stir crazy

Yes the rain is still here, it is certainly hanging around.  I would like a clear day or 2 so I could go to town, twice now I have headed off only to find that the road is still cut to town.  I am not one for driving through a flooded road.  My DH has promised to take me to town on Monday.  The children and I are starting to go a little crazy being unable to get anywhere other than around the house.  Thank heavens for the singing Elivs dog.  (No wonder I am going stir crazy.)

Have a great day. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quickly Mummy

I crocheted this blanket for Big E about 3 years ago while getting over an illness.

While I was pulling out the decorations I found the blanket I have started for Little E, I started this one, about 3 years ago after I finished Big E's.

Whenever I sit down to do a little more, Little E sits down with me, puts it over her lap and says "finish it quickly mummy".  I always feel guilty.  Don't you wish you had more hours in the day.

We finally got the tree up and decorated, I left all the glass balls off this year, and let the girls do it all.  Little E having a rest under the tree.

Have a great day

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

I've been pretty slack this year.  Usually my Christmas is up and fully decorated by now, but due to a week of wet weather, I was only able to hose it down this morning.  Fingers crossed it gets dry before the next lot of rain.

I kept the girls busy making some Christmas decorations.  I did manage to get out the Christmas DVD's and Books.  We are managing to get quite a collection now.

Have a great weekend