Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crafty day

The girls and I had a bit of a crafty afternoon yesterday, working on some new kit ideas.  Wormy (bookmark) and ginger (a christmas magnet/decoration).

Elsie's Ginger, a work in progress.

Elsie's Wormy bookmark finished.

Emeline's Wormy bookmark finished.

Emeline's Ginger finished.

The girls had a great time making these little things up, I didn't even have to help them, they did them all by themselves.  We had a wonderful crafty afternoon.


Anonymous said...

well done girls,you both did a marvelous job,you both are so clever

rosie said...

Lisa, I found you via Shez's blog. You remind me of myself when my children were young.. not that many years ago!! So good to see little ones wanting to craft..I have become a follower, looking forward to reading more..