Saturday, July 23, 2011

What have we been doing

Goodmorning, once again another cold and frosty morning here.  We have had a busy week with dear husband going away and just the girls and I left to hold the fort.  There is so much more to do when he is gone, feed all the animals, check cattle (currently calving), check water... and the list goes on.  The girls enjoy doing all these extra jobs.

Also managed to squeeze in some crafting. 

I just adore this felt heart decoration that I have filled with lavender. 


Linda said...

Your girls are precious! I know you have a lot of fun with them. I raised sons.
Another beautiful heart! (Do you grow your own lavender?)

Anonymous said...

What fun the girls are having Lisa it must be great living on a farm.
Your heart is beautiful Lisa you have done well.

Julie said...

Your little felt heart is so pretty, I to live on a farm and wouldn't change it we love it.

rosie said...

There is so much to do on the farm isn't there.. glad you got to do some crafting too, that heart is gorgeous..