Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Home at last

Finally got home from Toowoomba.  We had a wonderful time away.  Everything was delivered to Bush Christmas on time.  It looked fantastic.  There is so much stuff there, so many creative people. The girls and I got our junk food fix and shopping fix.  They had a great time catching up with their cousins.

My darling husband cleaned and cobwebbed the house for me while I was away, it was so nice to arrive home to a neat and tidy house.  I will admit, it is hard to leave it tidy with little girls running around.  They are doing their best today to undo his good deed.  :-)

Now its time to start getting ready for the next lot of markets. So much to do.

Michelle and Merilee went to Surat markets on the weekend and had quite a busy time.  Michelle is off to Mt Tamborine markets this weekend, unfortunately I was away a little longer then expected and can't go to this one.  Maybe the next one.

Have a great day