Saturday, May 14, 2011

Another Busy Week Gone

Another week has passed by, it is hard to believe it is Saturday again.  This week has been a pretty rough one in the Mocker household, Emeline has been getting 2 of her big back teeth and every night she lies in bed screaming and rolling around in pain.   It's hard for us because we've given her pain medicine (I have even resorted to trying bonjela, again) and you've done everything you can to make her comfortable and you know she's suffering but there is nothing you can do except give her lots of cuddles.  Hopefully they come through soon and the pain will stop.

So this post has no pictures this week, just wanted to stop and say Hi to everyone, I haven't had time to stop until now.  The girls are still asleep, hubby's gone to work, washing is on and I finally have time to stop and breathe.

Have a great weekend.