Saturday, May 7, 2011

Finally the weekend

We've had a very busy week in the schoolroom this week.  When you miss a couple of days, it feels like you will never catch up, but with a little extra work we managed it.  Also with hubby away and having to do extra farm chores it felt like the weekend would never come.  With everything going on and the girls constantly teasing each other it didn't leave me much time to be crafty, but I did to make a couple of sweet little needle cases.

We have a party to go tonight, the 2nd one this year, we had one last Saturday and now another one.
Hope you have a great weekend,


shez said...

Lisa the needle cases look great and happy mothers day tomorrow

Eme Creations said...

Thanks Shez, hope your Mothers day was a good one. It was a quite one for me, the girls were good all day so that made it good for me.

Cheryll said...

Hi Lisa... did you get my email with details of your partner in the Once a Season Swap?

Eme Creations said...

Hi Cheryll, Yes I did, I am all organised and ready to send it in the post. Thanks for stopping by. Lisa.