Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning

Good Morning everyone it is about 0 degrees here this morning, it feels colder to me.  The girls are still tucked up in bed where it is nice and warm  Emeline just stuck her head out of the room (heated of course) and decided it was too cold for her to get up yet, so I sent her back to bed for abit, we had another bad night with the teeth so she is cranky again.  I finally managed to get a couple of little things finished off yesterday and also managed to cut out some new birds I will be working on this week.  I love my birds I do enjoy making every single one of them.

I also dragged out my poor negelected spinning wheel, I have been asked to do a spinning display this weekend at the Boolba wool show, this is something new for them, and for me, espically since I haven't done any for awhile  now, so I made myself sit downand have a practice warm up on it.  I think I need a bit more practice I'm afraid, lucky for me  my sister (who also spins) is going to come with me.

In the lead up to Bush Christmas I have been getting back into the earring making, I sold over 100 pairs of these pretty little earrings last year, and I cut out and made some more little felt bird embellishments.  I have added these little things to my Made It store.

Have a fantastic day


shez said...

you are very clever Lisa,they are lovely.
Lisa can i just let you know that when you comment to a question on your blog that some-one has ask you,and you are going to reply you need to click on that person and go to their profile on their site and send them a email,because they dont get back a comment when you put it on your site does that make any sense.I seen your answer to Cheryll's question and passed it on to her as she was waiting to hear back from you.You are such a busy person have a great day.

Jennie said...

Love that first pair of earrings - they look like most of my good pairs of earrings!