Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Giveaway

Things have been slow on the farm this week, it has been too cold to do anything except hibernate in the one warm room we have in our home.  I dream of living in a home where you can be in any room of the house in winter and not feel winters chill.  I don't wan't it so warm that you only wear a T-Shirt, but how I would love it to be a comfortable warmth.

Seeing as school holidays will be upon us soon again, I have decided to have a little giveaway, this one is for the children (of course:-) ).

So I am giving away a boredom buster pack for the boys and one for the girls.  What is a boredom buster pack?  A bordedom buster pack, is something new we are trying out, in it will be $30.00 worth of our childrens craft kits.

 So what would you expect to find in a boys pack.

Horse and Cow kit. (not pre-cut)

Wibbly Wobbly skeleton kit (not pre-cut)

 Crazy Clown dangly kit

Dinosaur Pen holder kit

Pirate Pen holder kit

Mouse Fridge Magnet kit

Clown Pencil holder kit

Skiing man fridge magnet kit

Plus a couple of new kits that we have been working on.

In the girls kit:

Fairy Princess Dangley Kit.

Small Fairy Princess kit.

Rocking bird kit.

Fairy princess pen holder kit.

Fairy princess pencil holder kit.

Reindeer fridge magnet.

Butterfly window dangley kit.

Mouse Fridge Magnet.

Plus a couple of new kits that we have been working on.

To win one of these great packs please leave a comment below and which one you would like to win a boy or a girl pack.  When you have finished the kits could you please let us know  what you think of them.
I will draw a winner next Saturday.  So there will be plenty of time for them to arrive before school holidays start.


Anonymous said...

hi Lisa what a great idea i have both grand-daughters and grand-sons so either kit will do,hope you do well with them they will be a great idea for kids on holidays to keep them busy.