Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Sunday

We are all very tired on Surprise this morning, and a little under the weather, Emeline was up before the sun came up which meants that Mummy is tired too.

The girls have been doing a little sidewalk art.

What started this drawing on the footpath craze.  A school project, we had to draw around Emelines shadow.  It constantly amazes me what simple things can create a spurt of creativity.

My sister Bec has been busy again.  You can find her blog here
I love them Bec.

I just love the neckwarmers she has been creating out of her handspun wool.  My dad makes the wooden buttons, they are just devine.  I dream of being able to crochet like Bec.  I'll just keep practicing.

I am off now to spend the day in the warm lounge room doing some craft and spending some time with my girls.

Have a happy Sunday


Anonymous said...

what good drawers the girls are i love the cat.You sound like you are all a very clever family Lisa,enjoy your sunday creating with your girls.

Maaike said...

what sweet creativeness here Lisa! Love, Maaike