Monday, April 18, 2011

A rainy start to holidays

We have a  wet and cold start to the school holidays:-)  The girls don't mind too much.  We have been working on some easter craft.  The girls both had a go at making these easy easter egg decorations.  Emeline made the first one for school, then we had some friends over and they made another one each...

These were so easy to make, you just need alfoil, sticky tape, tissue paper or crepe paper, craft glue (liquid) and ribbon or wool to hang.

1.  cut alfoil into strips...  need about 16 can use less if you want a smaller egg.
2.  cut/rip paper into small squares/rectangles.
3.  lay out 1 strip of alfoil, fold wool/ribbon in half and sticky tape to centre of alfoil piece.
4. scrunch up alfoil..  Continue to add strips of alfoil around outside, pushing into egg shape.
when you have the egg the size you want, it is time to start glueing the strips of paper to the outside. 
5.  put glue on alfoil then attach paper.   Continue until outside of egg is covered and you can no longer see the alfoil.
6.  leave to hang up and dry.
To finish paint or colour with pens.....

Emelines Egg  (painted).

Elsies egg (painted then rolled in glitter)...  This egg is so Elsie :-)

The girls and their friends had a great fun making these, from the eggs came so many other ideas...

Yes we are still in our PJs today its a PJ kind of day :-)

Now for my disaster...

Remember I had this kit from way back and I was going to attempt a mini album...

Well so far this is all I have...  The sides of the mini album split open, now I have to try and figure out how to fix it, so it looks ok...

On a brighter note, I managed to make a couple more gift tags, to help with my paper stash busting.

If you asked me why I chose these colours, I couldn't tell you.  They are not what I would usually pick but I like what I have ended up with..

Have a fantastic day


Jane said...

Hi Lisa
It's a rainy day in Brissie too. The girls eggs are so cute. Will they leave them out for the Easter Bunny to see? I bet they would love the movie we saw on the weekend, called "hop" about the easter bunny. it was gorgeous. Do you get to the 'big smoke' much to go to the movies?
i hope the rain is beneficial to your property. From my little city farm perspective, it's good for my primula and pansy seedlings!
best wishes, Jane x

Eme Creations said...

Hi Jane,

No I don't get to the movies much. Last time I went was in 2005 just before Emeline was born. We don't have a cinema near us, and it always seems to be the last thing on my mind when I visit Toowoomba or Brisbane.. Usually too busy catching up with people. Easter Bunny might be lucky to get one, I think one of the eggs has been earmarked for Nanny, but the girls like to change their minds. The rain certainly greens everything up, things grow a little more slowly now, but we have been dry out here so any rain is good. I have seen Hop advertised on TV it does look funny. I will have to wait till it comes on DVD.
Have a great day

Anonymous said...

the kiddies did a great job of making their eggs,and i love your gift tags,i have had a lovely visit ,i will come again