Monday, September 6, 2010


I am becoming increasingly frustrated with my old faithful laptop and my dialup.  I am still waiting to get hooked up to satellite.  My new laptop/camera etc...  are sitting there begging me to use them, but I still have to use the old one.  As I said frustrated.  My new laptop is so fast, and my new camera takes the most amazing clear photos, but they are too big for my old one, and they would never upload.....  Anything more than 1mb and I just have to dream.....

One day....   So I rang my Dad yesterday for Fathers Day.  Blow me down!!!  Mum told me he went to China on Thursday.  My Dads a bit of a jet setter, while poor mum gets to stay home these days, she used to go.  But like me, I suppose she has become wary of travelling...

So heres a picture I took on the weekend of the girls just for you mum  :-)

Have a great day. xxx