Friday, September 17, 2010

Resuming Transmission

Firstly, I must apologise, we had to go away in a hurry for a family emergency back in Brisbane, so my giveaway was put on the backburner, then while we were away we decided to come home via Gyranda, at Theodore, for a bull sale. 

Photos of Gyranda.  Very different to where we live, no mountains out here.

First thing this morning Emeline and I got onto the task of picking a winner, as Emeline was enjoying herself so much we decided to giveaway 2 packs.  Could Keshia (the wiggens tribe) and  M.E. Cathie - please email me at  with your address, so we can get them in the post for you.

Thankyou to everyone that took the time to stop by and say hi, we love that you come to visit.   We have a market tomorrow, fingers crossed we get to this one,  usually it rains, and this happens

We have water front views and we get stuck for about 3 days..

Have a great Friday.    xx


Anonymous said...

Thankyou for hosting the lovely giveaway, I'm just as excited as Emeline looks in those photos!

I hope that everything is ok with your family, extremely beautiful pictures, it makes me miss living in the country xx

Eme Creations said...

Hi Keshia,

Thanks for entering my little competition. Our family is great. Gyranda is a beautiful spot of country, also good cattle country (apparently). There are so many beautiful places out there.
Take Care
Lisa xx