Saturday, September 25, 2010

Goodbye my friend

Our dear little Lucy passed away on Thursday night.  We miss her very much, we can not go outside without thinking about her and being sad.  We found our little dogs last Christmas, dumped not far from my Mum's place. We looked for their owners but no one came forward.  To E & E's excitement they got to keep them.  They had already named them Lucy and Tom as soon as I put them in the car.  They were little mini foxies, and they sure were little characters, they brought smiles to our faces all day everyday.  Our girls had been wanting a little dog of their own for so long, and then we had them.  Dad has dogs, but they are his working dogs, and they really only pay attention to him, as it should be.  We lost Tom at the end of Summer to a snake and now our darling little Lucy joins him, it  seems twice as bad this time, at least when Tom went we still had Lucy...

Time goes on and children cope alot better then us adults I think.  E & E are up early and already planning their craft projects for today.

I have been working on some Cards, some were for the Calico & Co stationary swap, some were just because.

I just wanted to share them with you.

Have a great weekend


Renny's little things said...

Hugs to your family for the loss of Lucy. May she rest in peace knowing she ended up with a kind and loving family