Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Thursday

So another Thursday has been and gone, and I am left wondering where is this year going.  So much has happened. I finally got to see Mum and Dad last week, for a very quick visit, it is so peaceful when you visit there house.  Of course the surrounding country side is a mess thanks to the floods, but there house is still the same, it just takes a little longer to get there over the dirt road.  The girls had a great time, they never want to come home.

I've been working on these coasters made from wool felt.

They are so not my colours, but I think a set of them will be a nice gift.  I have had this wool felt for a few years now and have never used it, it is beautiful to work with,  I will have to keep a look out for some more, once I've used this lot up of course.

Big E has also been doing some artwork,

and little E has just been, little E.