Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stash Minimisation

I have decided to try and start minimising the paper stash, so I can justify with myself buying some new stuff.

I found this kit which I got through The Boxx in 2007.  Yes I am guilty alot of my stash is from 2007, with only a small amount being new.

So I have started making the heart mini album, so far I have managed to use most of the paper with only a little left to work with.  I will post some pictures when I have finished.  This will be my first mini album, I hope it turns out alright.

Also made up a few quick cards using some Stampin Up paper and Card.

I thought this paper was so pretty I just left them plain.  I only managed to used 2 x 12x12 sheets of paper and 3 x 14 peices of card.  I will have to think of other ways to use more paper.  Maybe another mini book made to the same size as these cards?

I have also been making a couple more birds.

I have no trouble using up my felt stash :-)

Have a great day