Tuesday, March 8, 2011

creative sister

So my little sister is very creative, and with a little push, she has finally opened her own store on Craftumi and made it under the name Rebeccamillerdesigns. It always surprises me at how fast Bec is when she is creating, it takes me double the amount of time that it takes her to finish something.

Here are couple of samples of what she creates.

Wool that she has handdyed and spun.

A cute stitchery she has designed and stitched.  My Mum makes the bears isn't he beautiful.

Some more of Bec's wool that she has handyed and spun.

Have a great day


Wendy B said...

Hi Lisa,
thanks for joining us as Sew it's Finished...we hope to inspire you (and vice versa!). Love your sister's stitchery and wool and love your work too....your blog is too cute!!!!
Can't wait to see more!
sugary hugs
Wendy :O) X