Saturday, March 26, 2011


So we have been having a problem with these little fellows lately.  The girls love them, but I can tell you there is nothing worse than stepping on a frog in the dark.  So we have decided to start collecting them in a bucket at night and take them down to a dam that is a long way to the house.  I tried to tell DH that it won't make a difference, but he still wants to try.  So far over the past couple of nights we have captured a total of 45.  Their numbers don't seem to be decreasing, but we will wait and see.

Have a great weekend.


Jane said...

Hi Lisa
Aren't they adorable though. We once stayed with friends who managed a station in Augathella and there were green frogs in the loo and i was afraid one would jump on me!! I saw a guy on TV the other night and he had kept the same green frog for 30 years, can you believe it. Good luck with the relocation game. best wishes, Jane

Eme Creations said...

Hi Jane,
Yes we have frogs in our toilet to. The girls love it. So far we are up to 100 frogs, and still counting. I don't think we'll ever get rid of them. But a few less would be good.