Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Drip Drop, Drip Drop"

Yes it is raining again, out here.  Which means Em gets to stay home from school.  Maybe it is time to consider home schooling?  She appears to be keen on the idea.  Something for me to consider anyway:-)
We had a ladies get together yesterday and tried to get organised, now our organiser is back.  But we never seem to get much work done when we get together.  Lots of tea and talking though.  I think this is the best therapy ever.  The weaners were loaded on the truck and sent off to market today.  So we get a rest from mustering for awhile.  Now we just have to wait for the next batch of calves to come along.  Sparkles is going great, she has taken to feeding very well which makes our job easier.  Our last calf was a problem child.  The children love going over to the woolshed to feed her.  One of my friends is caring for 2 little orphaned lambs at the moment, my girls are fascinated, they want one to.  But I put my foot down and told them only one bottle fed baby at a time.Seeing as I seem to be the one doing most of the feeding at the moment.

Life is certainly slow in the country, I am still waiting for my mail, and the lovely goodies I've ordered:-(  I have to wait till Thursday now. 

Thanks Nanny .  Emeline loves her white jumper you knitted for her.  She promises not to get it dirty.