Sunday, August 29, 2010


My little sister made me these gorgeous finger free gloves.  They were to sell at Weengallen, but as it was so cold, I decided to procure them and buy them myself.  She has hand dyed, hand spun then crocheted them.  I can not begin to tell you how warm they are, and how fantastic they look.  I could have sold 100 pairs.    Emeline was even running round with them on the other day as leg warmers, they have many uses.  If anyone out there is interested in a pair of these beautiful gloves please contact me and I will let her know, I am sure she would be very happy to make a pair in any colour you would like.  I know it is almost summer, but it is never too late to be thinking of next winter.

New little birdies I have been working on for my stores.   I have used my hand felted 100% wool felt.  I  think these will be great for Christmas.  They look great on the Christmas trees.
Have a fantastic Sunday.