Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Well I must say it is one of those days, where I could sleep all day.  Not that I've ever had an opportunity to do this.  The weather just lends itself to a stay inside and snuggle sort of day.  I think I will have to declare Sundays to be a work free day.  What is everyone else up to today.   We are still mustering.  Sigh??  Should be all over and done with my Monday afternoon.

Samantha over at Purple Pumpkin is having another great giveaway.  Go and check it out.
 Her stuff is delightful.  I can't wait until her next batch comes out.  I might be quick enough to get something this time:-)  I'm not known for my speed.  Hope you have a great Sunday afternoon. xxoo


Anonymous said...

It sure is a sleepy Sunday, and I have spent it doing just that, sleeping with my newborn whilst my son is having a day out with his dad.