Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mummy Time

I love the look.  Elsies favourite saying "Mummy Time".  It seems that lately all she wants is mummy time,  I love this, I know that one day soon she will be all grown up and will no longer want mummy time.  I'm hoping no matter how old she gets she will always want some mummy time. 


Don't you love the colour of pumpkin.  My girls helped me make my pumpkin soup yesterday, Sorry I forgot to take a after picture, and it was so yummy it is all gone..  The aroma of it cooking in the slow cooker was mouth watering.  A neighbour had a bumper crop of about 500 pumpkins this year, they were going wild in their backyard, even up trees and they picked them all before the first frost.  So I never have so many pumpkins, I am busily making pumpkin soup and freezing it, I don't add the cream when I freeze it:-)  My girls enjoyed their soup for their dinner, they ate a a whole bowl full each. 
Have a great weekend.


Keshia said...

mmmm, the colour and the smell of pumpkin. I could live off pumpkin soup, yum!

Eme Creations said...

I totally agree, and it is so easy to prepare, the cutting up takes time, but the rest after that is easy, and if the girls eat it, it is definately worth the effort.