Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursdays Post

My friend is having a baby shower next week, and I wanted to share a photo of the invite I created and a sample of the guest bags, to give to each guest.  I tried to make each one a bit different.

So far today I have been busy going through kits and sorting them for the markets on Saturday.  Now of course Iam in a panic as I don't have nearly as many as I thought.  Thanks to some kind people who purchased them.  I will have to get very busy tonight and tomorrow.  Emeline and Elsie wanted to make one, so I caved and let them have one between them.  They both love creating.  Here they are creating caos.

During the creative process

The finished product.  Emelines very proud of her finished product, we are just waiting for the glue to dry before hanging.

This is a picture of the sample we made up, to show what the end result looks like.  All our kits come with all the paper/card pre-cut, ready to go.  The only thing not included is sticky tape and glue, as these are things everyone has at home.  If you are interested in this kit please let me know via email.  .  As we are new starting out any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  :-)

I'm guilty. I have been shopping at MadeIt, again.
I bought a couple of cute singlets from Oopsidasi (for the girls, of course.)  Although I wouldn't mind one of these for myself.....    Head over and check out the store.


Anonymous said...

Love the guest bags for the baby shower, they are amazingly cute!! :) xx