Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Inspires Me

A picture of my girls playing dressup and dancing along to their ballet music.  They amaze me everyday with their creativity.  We forget that it is the simple things that make us happy.

I have been busy creating felt Christmas Decorations, I have chosen to hand stitch them all, as I find this the most relaxing.  If I sit at my machine my girls want to help, it is quite difficult juggling a girl on each knee and a sewing machine.  They both love stitching and are usually creating something along with me.  Right now they are getting ready to do stamping, I set them up with their own stamps and ink, so they don't mess around with mine:-)  We've had waterfront views again this weekend thanks to the 20mm of rain we've had and we all had fun with our shoes of and stomping around in the muddy puddles.  The mud feels good squelching between your toes.  Can't let the kiddies have all the fun.:-)
Have a fantastic and relaxing Sunday.